To The Manor Born is a British comedy set in the late70's, early 80's in Somerset England. The Grantleigh Estate is owned by widow Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and due to mounting debts, she must sell her beloved manor house and grounds.

Top national grocer, Richard DeVere purchases Grantleigh to use as a home/business location. Audrey decides to buy the nearby Grantleigh Manor Lodge and settle in for a more mundane and poorer lifestyle, and at the same time to keep an eye on Mr. DeVere.

Petty, but often amusing arguments and romantic flirtation develope between the two. The first tape acts as the introduction to the series and its comedic personas including Audrey's best friend Marjory Frobisher, Mrs. Polouvicka - Richard DeVere's mother, The Rector, Brabinger - the Butler, Ned - the estate farmhand. Great Laughs and good story line.

Audrey: "The butler's duties include brushing and ironing the billiard table...and in return, I have to provide him with a new livery every year."