The food is usually on a sideboard or a serving table in the dining room. This is a very practical serving formula when there are houseguests, or when not everybody wishes to eat at the same time.

On the sideboard there can be any choice of food and drink, kept hot as appropriate. There will be cups, plates, extra silver and maybe a toaster and bread, so everybody can make their own toast.

The Butler will serve the coffee or tea and any food that is made to order in the kitchen. He might also bring in the mail or a newspaper. During breakfast he will occasionally come into the dining room with a pot of fresh coffee, to remove used glasses and dishes or to re-set the table for latecomers.

Many people are not at their best early in the morning and the Butler should respect this by leaving them alone as much as possible! Also, the picture shows a tablecloth that is much to short, but we all know that we sometimes have to do with what we have!