Introducing someone to this gem of a movie is like taking a friend to see the ocean for the first time. This delicious-- and delicious it is-- movie should be compared to the things that bring you most pleasure in life: New York cheesecake, a cold Kir on a spring day, the smell of honeysuckle in June.

Konrad, a handsome country boy in post-war Austria, charms his way into a Butler position at the castle of a widowed countess that lost her fortune. Before long the opportunistic boy is running the entire household. As he starts affairs with both the countess's son and the daughter of a wealthy businessman, the idea grows to get his two lovers to marry each other and make the house rich again.

Even though I have seen this most delightful of black comedies more times than any other movie, it still makes me laugh out loud. Certainly in the top five of my favorite movies, this may be number 1. Although I don't want to give the wonderful plot away, it's all about "murderers" and "perverts." Michael York certainly is all things to all people and as he says can sleep with anyone "but I have my preferences." Angela Lansbury, as an aging but broke aristocrat who prefers not to called either "common" or "cautious," was never better.

Unfortunately, they don't make movies like this anymore. If you rent a copy, you'll want one for your collection as this movie certainly is a keeper. "Something for Everyone" is as good as movies get.