A remake with songs of "Ruggles of Red Gap", "Mr.Robert Hope" plays an English Valet going to work for Lucille Ball's nouveau riche family in the Wild West. For fans of Hope and Lucy, this is a delight. They're in top form in "Fancy Pants"...the name given Hope by tomboy Lucy. Good supporting cast helps enliven this spoof, but it's Hope and Lucy who really pull it off. They're a great team. Lucy sings "Fancy Pants" and there are other songs and lots of slapstick and beautiful Technicolor filming that helps explain why Lucy was once known in Hollywood as "Tessie Technicolor". She's gorgeous here. "Fancy Pants" is good, clean, fun family fare and, sadly, another example of the kind of film "they just don't make anymore". And yes, you can see Lucy Ricardo emerging in this film. For historical value alone "Fancy Pants" is worth watching and owning.

Bob Hope and Lucille Ball are in good form in this spirited remake of Ruggles of Red Gap. This is one of Lucy and Bob's best films together. They made an unbeatable team. Lucy looks so gorgeous, with her flaming red hair, deep penetrating blue eyes, and blood red lips. The only color for her was Technicolor.