This ain't no game! The popular game comes to life in this mystery-comedy movie with an all-star cast headed by Eileen Brennan. Six people are invited to Hill House for dinner and for a little something else. Once they arrive, they meet Wadsworth the butler, soon their host, Mr. Boddy, arrives and they all get to know one another. Professor Plum works for the UN, Mr. Green is a government agent, Mrs. Peacock is a senator's wife, Mrs. White had two husbands who disappeared under "mysterious" circumstances, Colonel Mustard is a colonel, etc., Mr. Boddy gives everyone weapons like candlestick, rope, lead pipe, wrench, revolver, and knife.

Mr. Boddy switches off the lights and when they come back on, someone has killed Mr. Boddy! They then go search the house to see if it was a mysterious seventh person who done it. As they do so, other people show up at the house and soon end up dead. Wadsworth the butler has a good idea who did it, so he recreates all the events of the evening to find out who. The results in three different endings.

This thoroughly wonderful film, set against the backdrop of McCarthyism, is an adaptation of the immensely popular board game. The movie features a talented cast, helmed by Tim Curry as Wadsworth, the Butler. The plot may be a bit morbid, but the laughs keep coming and the lines are, no pun intended, to die for. So it's mad fun with Prof. Plum, Mr. Green, Col. Mustard, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, and Mrs. Peacock.