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A true gentleman is comfortable with traditional etiquette, and John Bridges covers all bases.


Along with the hosts' favorite recipes, 33 unique and inspiring dining situations are presented here. From Calvin Klein's country house to Dolly Parton's pied-a-terre, attention is paid to the presentation of meals, and to the linens, silver, china, crystal, and decorative accessories.


Do you know how to set the table? Worry about your dinner manners? Finally, with The Art of the Table, Suzanne von Drachenfels comes to the rescue with a truly comprehensive guide to the correct use of tableware and confidence-building information about proper dining etiquette.


When it comes to preparing and presenting food in quantity, having limited time or resources doesnt have to mean limiting the imagination, if you know the secrets of Arranging Food Beautifully. This unique guide equips you with a stunning array of practical and effective techniques for presenting hot and cold food attractively on trays, buffets, and steam table lines.


The author, a black freeman and a prominent figure in Boston Abolitionist politics, published this remarkable work in 1827 not only as a handbook for servants but as a guide for proper behavior by masters toward their employees.


The special 16th edition of this classic, complete etiquette reference book was brought up to modern standards by the original authors. It Includes new chapters on netiquette, e-mail, cellular phones etc.


This book closely resembles Emily Post's Etiquette. Even the layout is similar. Amy Vanderbilt's approach of the subject is sometimes slightly more modern. We use both books simultaneously as a reference, comparing both ladies comments. If you can afford it, buy both, if not, go for Emily Post's Etiquette.


Christina Hardyment conducted a fascinating quest into the history of housekeeping through the well-preserved properties of Britain's National Trust.


This is the bible about all what you always wanted to know about champagne. Who invented it (Dom Perignon), who is the oldest wine producer in the Champagne (Gosset), which is the oldest champagne company (Ruinart) and which is the best champagne (Krug)?