Dear fellow butlers, private service professionals, employers and visitors of this web site,

There is an almost instinctive feeling of solidarity among butlers. As we individually pursue our careers in this unique and fascinating profession, we share a kinship with those who have preceded us in the magnificent legacy that is butling.

Serving as a butler remains a solitary pursuit for many of us. As individuals in the greater butling community we are seldom able to give voice to our enthusiasm about our profession and to share our experiences with others. As passionate as we are about our work, we seldom find enough emotional support for our devotion to this compelling job.

The International Guild of Professional Butlers has accomplished much to bring Butlers together from many diverse backgrounds for the purpose of discovering our "common ground". We have come together in an on-line community to give voice to our mutual concerns and to work together to support each other in our visions.

Attitudes about domestic staff are better than in the past, but in some homes around the world there are still old attitudes to be challenged before mutual respect is the accepted and expected norm in employer / staff relations. Much remains to be done. Your input, energy, and enthusiasm will help us to realize these goals and strengthen the greater butling community.

Maybe you came to this web site out of curiosity. Perhaps you are looking for staff. Whatever the reason, I welcome you to the largest on-line community dedicated to the professions and professionals involved in private service.

If you are wondering why we are not the Guild of Private Service Professionals, it is because through the profession of the butler, who is traditionally the head of household, we really speak about the concerns and interests of all persons who work in the private home. The butler represents, and often instills to the rest of the staff, the values of good communication, service heart, energy, enthusiasm and dedication that are vital in giving great service to ones employer.

We welcome you to contact the Guild on any matter concerning private service, be it general questions about butlers, stories about your experiences with staff or employers, or to inquire about our extensive consulting services which include worldwide professional staff recruiting and placements.

I look forward to working with all butlers and private service professionals in furthering our goals of professionalism in all that we do.

Warm regards,
Robert Wennekes